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How Far Can You Extend Your House Without Planning Permission?

Organising a home extension can be an exciting yet stressful endeavour. There are many elements to consider before undertaking such a project. Not only do you need to do your research to find the best professionals for the job, but you’ll need to ensure that you’ve thoroughly looked into the complex maze of legal requirements, otherwise known as red tape. Cameron Construction is here to help you every step of the way, and with our wealth of construction expertise, we can advise you on some of the legalities when it comes to extending without planning permission.

How To Plan Building A Home Extension

Your family has suddenly grown, and it feels like any minute, your current home will surely burst at the seams in one enormous explosion. This can happen when you have that extra bub or two. Or perhaps one day you wake up, and suddenly your children are now pesky teenagers desperately needing their own space. Extending your home is a cost-effective investment that will increase the value of your property over time. Adding that extra space turns your home into an ideal place to relax, and when everyone comes together, it’s truly quality family time. Extending your home has the additional benefit of creating more social spaces to have friends and extended family over. So, for all your home renovations and remodelling services, we’re here to help. We can even show you some examples of house extension plans.

Aim High – Second Storey Extension Costs

Have you been dreaming of adding an additional living space and a second or third bathroom to your home? Maybe a home office or gym is on the cards. Or perhaps you’re starting to grow your family and you’ll need some additional bedrooms. Whatever the reason for needing to add an extension to your existing home, you have two choices – build out or build up. If you don’t have the land to add to the ground floor, then adding a second storey extension is ideal. In this blog we’ll break down the average costs associated with this process.

Laundry Renovation Costs and Considerations

It’s easy enough to discount the importance of maintaining and renovating your laundry and instead focus on revamping the other main living areas like the kitchen, lounge room and bathroom. However, renovations are not all about aesthetics – updating the functionality of a space is just as important, particularly for a room like the humble laundry. Organisation, space optimisation and practicality are paramount in a laundry and as the size can often be quite limiting, planning for these can be very important. (more…)

How To Get A Home Renovation Loan

One of the most important things you need to consider when renovating your home is how you will finance your project. Depending on how big your renovation is and your financial situation, there are several options you can choose from: (more…)

Do You Need a Building Permit for Home Renovations?

Whether you’re undertaking a DIY home renovation or hiring a professional to remodel your home, ensuring you have the right permissions and permits prior to starting is crucial. Before you invest loads of time, money and energy into a renovation project, sorting out this part of the process will ensure everything runs smoothly and your efforts don’t go down the drain. (more…)

Important things to Consider before Choosing a Bathroom Designer

When you eventually get your dream house, you always want to make sure that everything is in perfect order, and this includes the bathroom. Having a beautiful bathroom means that you would have to invest in designing your bathroom with the help of a professional. This can be quite expensive sometimes, and to get the best service for your money (more…)

How much to renovate a house?

House renovation is the best way to make a home feel more comfortable and look more beautiful. It’s also the best way to increase the value of a home if it’s on the market.

Renovating requires careful planning; it does not matter whether it’s a single room or the entire home. If you’re renovating the entire house, you need to plan on where you are going to stay until the project is over. For a single room, you will need to move the things from one place to the other. (more…)

3 Things to Consider When You Plan to Do Home Extension

Many people get an excellent idea of revamping and remodelling their homes or to do an extension. They do not know how to proceed with the plan or what they should be doing to execute the project. Without any doubt, a home extension is one of the best things to do as you need not vacate or sell the house you like. It means you can live in the same locality with your neighbours and friends. You can quickly add in more space and value to your home by doing an extension project which also helps in meeting your requirement. (more…)

Factors to Consider Before Renovating your Laundry Room

The laundry area is perhaps one of the most overlooked places in a home, regarding design and construction. If yours is a modern home, then having a well presented, and properly functioning washing space is critical.

If you’re planning to revamp your laundry area and give it a complete makeover, think about how long the project is going to take and how you’ll carry on with laundry midway through the project. This way, you’ll know when and where to DIY or hire a professional. And that’s just one thing to consider. (more…)

3 Things You Need to Consider When You Are Planning Home Extension

Sometimes, the house that you stay may not work well for you when your needs have significantly increased. You should plan to extend your house instead of moving to a different place. On top of it, shifting from your existing home is not a simple job. It requires you to spend hefty money and planning.

You might be comfortable living in the present locality, moving your home will deprive you of the comfort. You might also miss meeting your good old neighbours and friends. House extension is the only possible way as well as the best solution to this impending problem. You should, however not proceed to do this before analysing the whole plan. (more…)

Getting Beauty and Function through Home Improvement and Renovation

Homes renovations and improvements are one of the most rewarding and cost-friendly options for improving your living space. The benefits of this process are one that you, as a homeowner, will get the pleasure from and receive value for your money.

The construction of most homes is such that it is bound to maintain its outlook for decades maintaining its original design and supporting daily living with much ease. However, there comes a time when you feel your home has become outdated and would do with some bits of improvements or a large-scale renovation whichever suits the conditions. This could be because of a growing family that needs more space or just rooms and sections that need to be reconstructed for functionality. (more…)

Infographic: 7 Tips for selecting new Home Builder!

Now that you have signed a contract to purchase your new home, how do you customize it to make your own? Choosing a home builder may be one of the most important decision that you will make in your entire life. Through this Infographic, you will find some tips to ensure you select the perfect home builder. When you decide to invest in a new home, the selection of a reputable quality builder is of utmost importance. Taking steps to hire a builder who is the best match for you can help to reduce the anxiety and amp up the excitement. There are few things you need to keep in mind if you want to build your home and customize it to your needs. (more…)

Bathroom Renovations; Melbourne Wants Beauty and Function

Many of us cannot afford to build the right house in the right neighbourhood, exactly the way we want it. Therefore, we settle for a house in a good neighbourhood, close to our work and our children’s school and then dream of the day we can get our dream home built with the bathroom exactly the way we want it. Why wait?

Maybe you cannot afford that big house, but you can do bathroom renovations in the house you are currently living in Melbourne. At Cameron Construction  we have the professionals that can make your renovations dreams a reality. (more…)

Timely Bathroom Renovations

The undertaking of bathroom renovations is on the rise in Australia with an estimated 230,000 bathroom renewal projects predicted for 2018. The homeowner who takes on this task wants a modern look, with durability and functionality. They want a perfect bathroom facelift.

Unless you are an electrician, a plumber, and a carpenter, this is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, but a complex project. Some DIY projects do not hit the mark when planning their budget. Why is this? The cost of removing the old plumbing and installing new involves adequate prior planning by licensed professionals. (more…)

Kitchen Renovations: Melbourne Deserves Better

The refrigerator does not cool, the freezer does not freeze and the repairman says you need a new one. Yet, all the appliances are that same lime green from the ‘80s. Maybe it is time to do that kitchen renovation you have been considering.

Now that the children are grown, you can use that space to open up your kitchen and add a formal dining room to your home in Melbourne. Kitchen renovations can be a painful do-it-yourself project. Giving up your kitchen for months is too much to ask of anyone. Yet, it will take time to add the right cabinets and kitchen equipment. (more…)

Bathroom Renovations, Melbourne Deserves the Best

Now that the children are grown and gone, maybe you have been considering using that bedroom space to create the ultimate bathroom renovations. Melbourne Cameron Construction has everything you need. When you lack the skill or motivation for that large do-it-yourself project, we can help.

Follow these tips to add luxury, as well as privacy to your bathroom renovation project. Turn that old bedroom into a dressing room or workout room. It can be your personal retreat from the rigors of work for relaxation. This is particularly true when you add a personal sauna or sauna for two. Go from your exercise room straight to the shower. Or, go from the shower straight to your personal dressing room. We can help you turn your ideas into plush, pampered reality. (more…)

The Ideal Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations are often essential, since the kitchen is the room in the house which gets most of the traffic. Yet, these renovations provide the largest returns on investment in the way of a family happiness. The total cost of renovating your kitchen varies due to various factors. These factors include the kitchen size, the value of the kitchen appliances as well as the design implemented.

Whilst planning any kitchen renovation project, it is prudent to consult an expert. This saves you a lot of time and expense while making the right decision. The kitchen is the heart of any residence. (more…)

Laundry and Bathrooms: Melbourne Value Updates

You don’t have a lot of needs, wants, or desires. Yet, you don’t need anyone to tell you that your bathroom is a nightmare. It needs to be better organised. A laundry room adjacent to the bathroom would be ideal. Clothes pile up because it is just too much hassle to take them to the other end of the house.

You have been looking at some of the showrooms of bathrooms and laundry. Melbourne has a large variety of modern shops with bathroom and laundry fixtures and accessories. Moreover, you have to admit that a bathroom renovation is long overdue. (more…)

Top Tips for Renovations – Melbourne Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms

Are you planning a bathroom or laundry room renovation? Here are a few tips to consider before starting those bathroom renovations.

Top Three Tips for Bathroom Renovations.

Tip #1 Make a wish list of the things you would like to accomplish. Brainstorm; look at magazines and current TV restoration shows such as, The Block, Renovation Rumble, or House Rules. Walk around one of those big home renovation showrooms. Look at tubs and shower lay outs; sit in a tub or two. This will help form a picture in your mind of how you want your new bathroom. (more…)

Kitchen Renovations: Melbourne Has the Experts

The centre of any home is the kitchen, especially at brekky. However, if it is too dark, you might want to add a large window to let the light pour into your home’s centre as part of your kitchen renovations. Melbourne kitchen renovation experts at Cameron Construction can help you decide which wall to put that window on to make maximum benefit of the sun’s warming rays pouring into your kitchen each morning.

Kitchen renovations done with white marble and light coloured cabinets can make your kitchen bright and cheerful. Just the décor your family will enjoy at every meal, not just breakfast. Your kitchen renovation does not have to break the budget to add warmth and brightness to the centre of your home. (more…)


Residential builders in Victoria are optimistic about the year ahead according to the latest Master Builders Building Trends survey.

Master Builders Association of Victoria Executive Director Brian Welch said that 45 per cent of the builders who responded to the quarterly survey described their current level of business activity as good.


Cameron Construction were very honoured to be recognised for building excellence at this years 2011/2012 Housing Industry Association Awards Gala. The Company received an outstanding 3 Awards Including; Best Renovated Bathroom $25k-40k, Best Bathroom OVERALL, and Best Renovation/Addition up to $300,000.


This spring has been one of the busiest times so far for the team at Cameron Construction. “Our team has been hard at work finalising our existing home additions and renovations in preparation for the wave of new projects currently in design as eager home owners prepare for the warmer months ahead.” Rod Cameron said.


Major renovations activity posted a 1.8 per cent rise in the March 2011 quarter to reach an annual worth of $6.91 billion, the highest in two years.

“Major renovations have started 2011 on a brighter note. Australians are increasingly looking to improve their existing homes rather than face the mounting transaction costs and new housing taxes and charges they will incur if they trade-up to another property or build a new home,” said Harley Dale.


There are generally two types of permits required when building or altering your home.Building permits are a system of control for the construction or alteration of a building and, in most instances, are required. Planning permits, specifically for alterations and extensions, are generally only required when there is a planning overlay. The most common overlay’s being heritage, and significant landscaping. We typically find that 1 in every 8 projects require planning. The best way to find out if you need a planning permit is to contact Cameron Construction and ask to speak with one of our design consultants.


Australians have had a long love affair with property and a history of aspiring to own their own home. Home ownership reached almost 70% in the early 1960s, an amount considered to be extraordinary at the time. Still today, this love affair continues. Despite house prices climbing some 9% per annum for the last 15 years, approximately 69% of Australians currently own their own home.

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